Crisis response curriculum:

helping your school effectively respond to hard things
COVID, death of a student, death of a teacher, or a natural disaster

Welcome Back to School  (after COVID closures)

All of our students lost something because of COVID school closures. Some of them lost a lot. This  30-Minute guided journal curriculum is designed to be administered over the first three days of the new school year--just 10 minutes at the start of each day. This middle school & high school curriculum will help your students:

  • Connect

  • Process

  • Plan

  • Refer



Curriculum Topics


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Natural Disasters

We know that natural disasters often cause significant disruption for students and schools. We offer crisis response curriculum addressing the following topics:

  • Global Pandemic (COVID)

  • Fire (coming soon)

  • Flood (coming soon)

  • Hurricanes (coming soon)

  • Tornado (coming soon)

  • Earthquake (coming soon)

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Church Cross

Death of a student or staff

These tier-1 guided journals can be handed out on campus when tragedy strikes. They provide psychoeducation on grief, introduce ways to cope and process, and include a self-referral form to connect with school counselors and mental health professionals. These are must-have items for every district's school crisis response team.

Social Justice

Elephant in the Classroom guided journals help students explore the topic of values, hidden biases, and empathetic communication. It allows them to give their experience a voice and to think of ways to address social issues on campus.

Diversity Students

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